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Future Friday: A Glimpse

Future Friday is a platform for startups to showcase innovative solutions, and the problems they have solved in the form of case studies. In an in-depth session with a TXF expert, startup leaders are offered an opportunity to present their offerings to a targeted global audience of potential corporate buyers, investors, and experts actively looking for innovative startups.

At each Future Friday event, startups not only get to exclusively interact with an industry insider, but also win the valuable opportunity to explore deals with corporate leaders scouting for unique solutions.

Hand-picked startup case studies get a chance to be featured at Berkeley Global, UC Berkeley's Corporate Leadership Innovation Program

Industry Insiders
Global Presence
Active Buyers
Improving Flexibility

Online Event Format

  1. Introduce Future Factory challenges that your startup is helping solve
  2. Showcase a startup success story with a real-world case study
  3. Explain how your solutions can be implemented to solve various use cases​

Help your startup

Match with corporate innovation teams

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Verified Use Cases

The TXF Platform only listing active, validated use cases from corporate innovation teams

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Timely Connections

Improve the chances of winnings deals by sharing your solutions with corporates actively seeking them

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Smarter Connections

Simplify the process of finding, engaging and closing deals across complex corporate workflows and teams

Focusing on areas across

Industry 4.0


Industrial IoT

Artificial Intelligence

Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Materials

Cloud Computing


Virtual Reality

Big Data

A platform for leading startups and global corporations

Match your startup solutions with global corporate use cases

Verified Use Cases

The TXF Platform only lists active and validated use cases from leading, verified corporates all over the world

Timely Connections​

Improve your chances to win more deals by sharing your solutions with corporations actively scouting for solutions

Smarter Connections

Simplify the process of finding, engaging, and closing deals across complex corporate workflows

Ideal Matches

The TXF Platform matches your solutions with corporate use cases that have the best chance of winning

Win Faster

Quickly engage matched and qualified corporate teams to fast-track the deal process unlike typical BD flows

Investor Friendly

Win smart money from corporations with the ability to invest, mentor, and support high-growth startups

Introduce your startup to a global corporate audience


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frequently asked questions

The Future Friday events showcase startups which are offering products and services with applications in Industry 4.0. If your startup matches that requirement, you are invited to register.
The event is a recorded Zoom meeting, which can be live-streamed to an audience on YouTube. The recordings of the event will be featured on The X Future’s website and social media handles.
Some excerpts can be used for educational and training programs run in association with University of California, Berkley Global.
Events are designed to last about 30 minutes, but some can be extended after prior consultation with the TXF moderator.
The event would be live-streamed on YouTube and other emerging platforms. Content from the event will be used on other TXF platforms.
You can sign-up for the event on the TXF website. There is a form with this page where you can register and give further details. We’ll revert back to you once a slot for Future Friday comes available at a mutually agreeable time.
The event is designed for a global audience comprising of corporates and thought leaders who are actively working in the Industry 4.0 space. We also have leading investors, mentors, experts, and of course startup founders in our audience as well.

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