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Building a Metaverse to train and engage employees

Published on 28th November 2021 | By GMetri



Employee engagement
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After remote working became the new normal, Paypal wished to enhance employee experience by creating a virtual simulation of their workspace. The objective was to help employees learn, interact and train better. Improving digital interactions and virtual employee engagement as hybrid models / remote work are becoming a standard practice at Paypal and across the globe.


GMETRI’s no-code Extended Reality (XR) platform allowed Paypal to create Metaverse where Paypal was able to provide its employees a fully virtual, six-floor immersive office space that exists entirely in the digital world. Available 24/7—never-shuts-off -the-lights—the virtual campus offers 200 experiences that employees can access.
Inside the virtual office space lie the following experiences:

  1. Outdoor pavilion and Lobby: When employees first visit PayPal’s new virtual Pavilion, they are greeted by a digital outdoor space that’s replete with a water feature and audio clips of birds chirping in the background. The lobby allows visitors to look through the PayPal Marketplace which sells company swag, and catch the elevator to the other floors.
  2. Infrastructure and Security: PayPal created a designated Infrastructure and Security floor where employees can learn about how it protects the megalithic amounts of data it has access to.
  3. Branded Experience: Employees can also access information on PayPal’s various brands, ranging from its digital wallet and peer-to-peer app Venmo to shopping tools like Honey.
  4. Employee Experience and Strategic Investments: Visitors can finish challenges and win points that can be later utilized to trade for prizes at the PayPal marketplace.
  5. Paypal Education: On this floor, PayPal employees can access training resources for recruiting, onboarding, and skills development.

Key Metrics

Experience highly rated by employees


12x jump in employee engagement

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