Case Study

Reducing 95% costs by automating data-labeling to create training data

Published on 05th January 2022 | By Jaxon


A top 10 US retailer


Automated Data Labeling
Training Machine Learning
Creating Synthetic Data


Jaxon’s client was manually looking at over 400k return comments in order to:

  • Predict and prevent returns
  • Suggest resolutions for customer service reps
  • Classify customer intent in chatbots for Sales and Customer Service

  • Solutions

    Jaxon trained natural language understanding (NLU) models in support of the client’s chatbots and conversational AI systems. A typical NLU attempts to classify intents (what is a customer trying to accomplish?) and slots (easy to answer questions such as location) contained within user utterances. Training data, quickly provided by Jaxon, consisted of sample utterances that were annotated to identify these intents and slots. Because Jaxon used the company’s own data and did not require fully pre-labeled sample utterances, it was ideal for training domain-specific NLU models.

    Key Metrics


    Achieved 82% ML accuracy in a 9% bump over the custom ML model


    Achieved 95% reduction in overall cost

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