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RPA solution for tracking cross-continent deliveries, installations, issues and warranty claims

Published on 30th July 2021 | By Zvolv


Global leader in manufacturing fueling and convenience store equipment


Procedure digitization
Track and Trace
Document compliance
Warranty claims


The Corporate was facing customer service issues along with supply chain inefficiency like:

  • Not able to track the delivery of fuel dispensers, successful installation and issues encountered
  • Lengthy and time consuming process for technical support ticketing for any issues encountered and managing warranty claims
  • Forward and reverse logistics challenges
  • Lack of real-time visibility into this last leg of the supply chain
  • Lack of communication between back-office and field technical teams for tracking tasks


Corporate was able to solve the problem by using Zvolv’s no code robotic process automation(RPA) solution as below:

  1. A self-help mobile application for Dealers/Distributors and end customers, allowing a real- time and unified communication channel for:
    • Reporting equipment installation
    • Reporting issues and request technical support
    • Tracking warranty status
  2. A contextual dashboard solution for regional leaders and head-office to:
    • View real-time status of different categories of units, with drill down by country/region/distributor etc.
    • Monitor efficiency of technical support teams, and quality parameters based on issues reported and resolutions
    • Identify bottlenecks in supply chains - reasons for delayed deliveries, delayed installations, warranty claims for damages, etc.
  3. A web-portal for back-office and field technical teams for tracking tasks and communications

Key Metrics


Over 50% reduction in turnaround time for critical technical issue resolution


Reduction in average time for reporting installs. Reduced to less than 5 days, compared to 200+ days earlier with manual processes


Enabled real-time visibility into product-line and region wise parts and unit inventory, improving forecasting and production planning

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